I've had a twelve year career at Los Alamos National Laboratory. I am a competent project manager who can deliver on time and on budget as well as an experienced Java and front-end developer. I am now seeking a work-from-home opportunity. I have just returned from an adventuresome sabbatical recharged and am looking forward to creating great things with a team again.

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The Rules of Writing takes place at a month-long exclusive writer’s retreat hosted during an unrelenting Minnesota winter at a snow-bound rustic camp. Oliver Iles and eight other aspiring novelists were promised a secluded setting and the attention of Arthur Bainwright, the mysterious recluse and author of the best-selling Zodiac Murder series. The pressure to perform is high as Bainwright’s publisher, Etheridge Press, will select one of the retreat's novels for publication.

The freezing winter conditions, solitude, and competition are daunting enough, but when Arthur Bainwright fails to arrive and disturbing pranks related to his occult murder series start happening, the twelve people at the camp become unnerved. Why were they chosen for the retreat and are the Zodiac novels a grimoire encoding a mystical shortcut to productivity and success? Rather than admit that they are in the midst of a harmful plot, the writers stubbornly refuse to abandon what they figure is their last shot at getting published.

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I sailed over 5000NM on the forty-foot steel sailboat the S/V Red Herring. The adventure was recorded at and on Twitter. The highlights:

  • We covered 32 degrees of latitude from winter in Canada to summer in Mexico
  • We circumnavigated Vancouver Island
  • We sailed the Pacific Northwest's Inside Passage in the wintertime
  • We took the offshore route down the coast of the US, dodging container and cruise ships instead of crabpots and kayakers
  • We sailed the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Mexico